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Welcome to the Concepts 2 Industries home page ! 

We have developed our web site to be an information resource tool for individuals and companies seeking knowledge in the business of custom thermoplastic injection molding. 

Concepts 2 Industries was established in 1990 to provide custom injection molded plastic parts to a broad spectrum of customers. Our specialty is in small, tight tolerance, components that require a high degree of support in either engineering materials or state-of-the-art tooling. 


We specialize in a concepts-to-completion approach to solving engineering thermoplastic design problems. C2 is dedicated to providing support with both plastic material and mold making expertise. 
Whether working from rough prints or finalized engineering CAD drawings, we understand the importance of allowing “form”, “fit”, and “function” to drive the design process. 
C2 understands the importance of communication to the success of each program. From the quotation stage, through material selection, mold design, processing, and inspection; close technical liaison is maintained with the customer to prevent misunderstandings or surprises. 


Over 50 years of combined technical experience has enabled Concepts 2 Industries to handle a variety of challenging projects. In the material selection process, we are well versed in selecting plastic based on mechanical, physical, thermal, or tribological properties. Knowledge of fillers, reinforcements, and advanced composites provides our customers with the engineering expertise to choose the most cost effective material solution. 

In the design and construction of tooling, we offer creative solutions to such criteria as proper ejection, gating, venting, and cooling. Our on-site mold making helps balance the need for cost efficient tooling with the need for cost effective process control.